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Mindenki #KOVIDOL: Vállalja Véleményét – Tesz a Tisztánlátásért – Kiáll az Igazságért

CVD–84 = Credential Valid Direct information about COVID–19

The book “COVID–1984 Black Box” shows you the real picture of the COVID–19 pandemic.

"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations." (George Orwell)

  1. March 2020: COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by World Health Organization. On that very day Hungary also joined the most extensive human experiment in our history. I wonder if someone has planned it. Or was it a combination of events that made it more ‘successful’ than anyone could have imagined at the beginning? However, that is not the question at all, but what WE, the test subjects, can do. If we want to go from being a white mouse to a human being again, it may not be too late to move on. But every day it gets harder as the avalanche of lies buries the truth deeper and deeper. This book is about this experiment. It is about the script of the coronavirus pandemic. It is about the events and underlying factors which led to this situation. And the experiment continues! The consequences are unpredictable, the casualties are increasing. Not the victims of the coronavirus, though at this point nothing is what it seems. The experiment is taking its victims. The experiment awakened to independent life takes place in a huge and most complicated laboratory of nature, in which the test subjects – consciously or unconsciously – eagerly assist. Why? This also is the subject of this unconventional book, which is a mixture of thorough technical overview and investigative report, supported by the (sad but instructive) threads of my personal story to illustrate the inevitable impact of the COVID situation on everyone's life. This story is astonishing and heart-breaking, but not hopeless. I am trying to make the ending positive, and I am trying to offer you the tools for the way out, to get rid of the experiment. Today is the day our future begins. The possibility of a life without COVID. However, this requires that instead of a media-mediated, manipulated reality, more people gain access to a truer truth. We don't have much time, because more false, fear-provoking information and short-sighted rhetoric telling us that only the vaccine can save us will have the opposite effect: Every single person, even if they want to act in good faith and finally vaccinate themselves, will add fuel to the fire in many ways. I would like to thank all those whose achievements, summarized and further thought, have made possible the birth of this book, with the help of which we may have a chance to put out this fire.

Hello, My name is Monika Kovacs from Budapest, Hungary. I am MD (psychiatrist) & PhD (psychoneuroimmunology). I spent the last 2 years examining COVID. The result is this 480-page book: “COVID–1984: Black Box”. In the book I overviewed all the aspects of the pandemic: not only the medical issues, but also the background factors, the rules & regulations that define how they count the cases and the number of deaths… and all the problems with the statistics, the diagnostic and treatment protocols. I put an extra attention on the psychological issues of this “mental war” and discussed some ideas how to find solutions from this biggest mass hypnosis in human history. I would like to share this information with the most people I can.

I come back with more info in English soon...

If you can help with Hungarian -> English translation, please contact me: drkovacs@kovidol.hu

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